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Human Resource is an extremely critical business function and lack of a proper HR strategy at times leads to functional jeopardy.A proper HR strategy in a startup is still to provide some much-needed structure, help to negate risk, and give the team a leg up. Without an HR strategy in place for your startup, you risk allowing negativity and toxic work habits to establish themselves in the workplace, leading to reduced employee morale and low employee retention.

We at Mapbrain understands your specific requirements to your specific industry and create customized HR solutions to help your startup in building a strong workforce culture. We build strategies that meet the need of the organization along with ensuring flexibility.

Right from process setting to training to culture goal setting, we do complete hand-holding to help the organization align their deliveries with their vision.

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Letter Formats and Documentation

Lots of documentation throughout the employee’s journey in the organization right from offer letters appointment letters, bonafide, salary slips, relieving, etc.

Policy Building

An effective HR Process framework of an organization must be built in a way that pleases both, the employee and the organization.


We assist in identifying the eligibility under various HR Compliances and hand hold in the process of achieving them.

KRA/KPI building

Having a defined job role always goes a long way in hiring the right talent and then retaining them.


Trainings are an integral source to uplift skills and hence create platform for goal setting for employees within the system.

Compensation Mapping

It's important paying the employees competitively When employees are paid accordingly for their efforts and maintain the working culture, employee love to work and thus increases employee retention.

Talent Acquisition:

The growth of any organization depends on the talent it has. That also, rests on the processes it follows for the recruitment, communication with new recruits about their responsibilities.

HR Audit

We help do Audit analysis of your complete organization to find out the gaps in the existing HR Function of organization, identify, list and make suggestive changes to ensure ensures that the firm every operation is carrying out in a competitive manner.
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